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From € 60 per year

Opt for an email account through Freedom and securely email from and to secure servers.

With 'Freedom Mail,' you can securely email from and to secure servers. You have the option to email from or from @[yourchosen-domain].nl. If you subscribe to an internet package with Freedom, Freedom Mail is included by default. If you prefer to subscribe to Freedom Mail separately, it costs €60 per year.

What do you get with a Freedom Mail subscription?

  • 1 email account/mailbox;
  • 4 additional mailboxes on your own domain;
  • Emailing without prying eyes;
  • 25 GB of storage;
  • Spam filter for incoming and outgoing mail;
  • Registration of one .NL domain name;
  • Linking multiple domains;
  • Access to webmail, so you can access your email from anywhere and at any time;
  • IMAP support;
  • Support from an expert helpdesk.

Why choose Freedom Mail?

  1. The mailbox is hosted on servers in the Netherlands and Germany.
  2. You can send emails from a domain name of your choice, for example @[yourdomainname].nl. With your own domain name, you won't have to change your email address when switching providers.
  3. Receive mail with 'catch-all' functionality. Catch-all allows you to collect all mail sent to your domain name in one mailbox. This ensures that even if someone makes a typo in the address, the email will still reach you.
  4. Send mail from an unlimited number of aliases. An alias is an email address linked to your email account. All your emails end up in one mailbox, and you can also send emails from that address. An alias is useful, for example, when you don't want your personal email address to be used when making a purchase.
  5. The advanced spam filter protects your mailbox from unwanted messages. You can choose from five levels of spam control. Sometimes, you may need to receive a particular email, which you can add to the allowed list or create a wildcard for. Place an asterisk before the domain name to receive all emails from that domain, for example: *

Extra storage space or email addresses

If you would like to have extra storage space or email adresses, that's possible! To do this, log in to MIJNFreedom and consult the guide 'Adding Extra Storage Space' or check out the guide 'Purchasing Extra Email Addresses'.

Extra Cost

  • 25GB extra storage space €5 per month
  • 5 extra email addresses €5 per month
  • 10 extra email addresses €10 per month
  • 25 extra email addresses €25 per month

Terms and conditions

When you apply for Freedom Mail with Freedom, you enter into a one-year contract. After one year, you can cancel your Freedom Mail on a monthly basis. You pay for Freedom Mail via automatic debit, and this continues after one year unless you cancel after the first year. If you change your mind within 14 days of placing the order for this service, you may cancel without providing a reason. Any incurred costs may be charged if you have already used the service.