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F-Secure software

Freedom places a high value on secure internet usage. Furthermore, you want your devices and data to be as secure as possible. One of the additional tools is antivirus software. That's why, as a Freedom customer, you receive the comprehensive security software package from F-Secure (F-Secure Internet Security valued at € 72,99) as a gift with your internet connection!

F-Secure Internet Security in brief

  1. Secure up to 5 devices*
  2. Protect your devices from viruses and spyware
  3. Safeguard your local folders from ransomware
  4. Browse and bank/shop online securely
  5. Includes 'family rules'; limit or filter internet access for safe usage/added protection of your children *With each internet connection, you receive a license for 5 devices. You can use the software on a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Make your devices and data as secure as possible

Start with F-Secure Internet Security! Switch to Freedom Internet now (if you haven't already) and enjoy the use of F-Secure Internet Security at no cost. Install the software in a few easy steps within your Freedom account MIJNFreedom.


The software is regularly updated automatically to ensure that online devices are always protected against current threats.